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We offer a network with unique advantages:

Access to professional services firms who are seeking immediate support for their practice

Increased visibility to professionals seeking diverse lawyers to assist
on matters

Enhance your own site
visits by amplifying
content on
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Why Legal TIPs?

The Challenge

  • Clients are overwhelmed with legal sites and not sure which lawyer is right for their specific issue.
  • The legal risks associated with poor client selection and management are profound
  • Lawyers in sole practices or small firms are not effectively profiled to target niche audience
  • Potential clients with specific cultural or language barriers do not have a single source for legal providers

The Solution

  • Legal TIPs, A service to assist lawyers in finding clients who need specialized skills, i.e. tax lawyers OR have diverse needs, i.e. clients looking for Spanish speaking lawyer

Is this for you?

A lawyer who works with small businesses and tax practitioners

A diverse lawyer who wants to be profiled to a broader group of professionals

Lawyers looking for flexible work arrangements

How does it work?

1. Lawyer posts profile on site free of charge

2. Profile is vetted then posted to site

3. Customer reviews profiles and selects multiple lawyers based on criteria

4. We help customer with selection based on complexity of the request

5. The selected lawyer provides legal advice

6. You only Pay us when a Client engages you

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