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Why Legal TIPs?

The Challenge

  • The time and cost of producing documents for CRA audits have been growing astronomically
  • The legal risks associated with producing documents are not always obvious to accountants or their clients
  • Accountants and their clients who have legal assistance do not know how to manage the legal document review process efficiently

The Solution

  • A Legal Matching Service to assist accountants with either finding or managing lawyers for document productions, risk management and professional negligence claims

Case Study

The standard procedure for some accountants in handling audit requests is to do the document productions themselves rather than engage a lawyer to assist. The rationale is that the accountant understands the file and the CRA’s request and will potentially expedite the audit review, therefore reducing costs. However, in many situations precisely the opposite occurs.


Client files may have different parties information embedded in the documentation (i.e. directors vs. shareholders). In such cases, where multiple parties may be involved, the interests are different but the parties are relying on the accountant to identify, and potentially protect the interests of many different stakeholders.


In my experience, the clients, the accountants providing such services are at an obvious disadvantage.


In particular records custodians find it frustrating and confusing when asked to re-release records or to use different safeguard methods to produce documents for multiple parties on the same case.


Frustration and confusion lead to increased delays and ultimately costs.


The Solution


Simply by allowing a service like Legal TIPs to assist the accountant, you will see immediate cost reductions in the costs of preparing documents for CRA audits.


On average, an accountant is spending hours on CRA document productions that could be spent on other areas of his/her practice.


Contact Legal TIPs to find out how our service when implemented can lead to a cost reductions.

How does it work?

Talent Identification

We Provide Access to a curated legal directory- focusing on levels of expertise and fees

Customer receives a short list of potential legal service providers based on their specific needs

Based on the nature and stage of audit – we determine if lawyer is necessary and at what price point

Managed Services

Ongoing review of the bills and work on file- identifying cost reduction steps

Assessment of customer file to identify areas to streamline document review

Work Flow

1. Accountant receives document production request from their client

2. Accountant signs up for Legal Tips service free of charge

3. We review the request

4. Identifies counsel to assist based on complexity of the request

5. The selected lawyer provides legal advice

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